Fresh | Clean | Relax


Help you prevent Occurrence of bacteria, One the the main reason of bad health. Ozone service also help you fresh your room so you and your love will live in a fresh and clean place.


We use high efficiency Ozone generator to kills bacteria, create fresh air and detoxify.

Ozone service

We care about environment. Our service is environmentally friendly.

Fresh and Relax. Help you with better health.

Ozone service

Fast and Right. Just call us and we'll be there.

Ozone service

Your work and daily routine will be more easier.

It’s time to talk about

Process of our service.

First, contact us and tell us about your place such as the size of your room, type of your room or your location. We have to prepare our service so we recommend to contact us one day before. You might be charge more if you live out of the city.

Second, We have to go to your place and calculate the price. The price depends on the size of your room, type of your room and your location. After we agreed the price then we’ll start the service.

Last, After we finish cleaning your room with our Ozone service. It’s time for you to check for completeness. When everything is ok, then we can do the payment.


How we do it ?

Ozone is a natural gas composed of three atoms of oxygen. Its chemical symbol is O3. It can help prevent bacteria, virus and also clean unpleasant smell.

Will there be residue in the room ?

Ozone is not chemical so there will be no residue left in your room. This service is safe for you and your love we guarantee.

Where do we provide our service ?

We provide our service only in Chiang Mai and near by province. You might be charge for more if you live outside of Chiang Mai city.

How long dose it take ?

It depends on the size or type of your room. Our Ozone generator can work in a 20 sqm room less than 5 minutes.

How can i arrange the service ?

You should contact us and arrange the service at least one day before for us to prepare and deliver quality service.

Which type of room can be clean ?

Every type of room can be clean such as hotel room, kitchen, office and more.

Let us help you with the unpleasant smell and health issues.

you might have a busy day, rough work or a meeting outside of your country. Don’t worry ! we can do it for you with our high quality service.


Let’s talk about


Ozone Service

Price start from 10 baht / sqm.
300 baht / Car

Our customer review

After using our service

Just use this service. I have a problem with cigarette smell. At first I think it's not going to work because I have wallpaper on my wall but it works great.


Haven't been living for month and when I came back there is a bad smell all over my room. Found this on facebook so I want to test it out. Good service.

Mr. Ham
Customer from condominium near central festival

Our Team

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